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We believe in tech and tech-enabled business concepts for shaping a smart and sustainable future for us and future generations.

What we do

Together we transform visions into successful ventures

What drives us
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We raise hidden potential and generate added value from it.

What drives us
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It is our passion to constantly re-think future.

What drives us
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Our work is meaningful
and creates a positive future.

What drives us
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We give a new economic perspective to our home country.

What drives us
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We raise hidden potential and generate added value from it.

What drives us
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It is our passion to constantly re-think future.

What drives us
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Our work is meaningful
and creates a positive future.

What drives us
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We give a new economic perspective to our home country.

Our core values


We match people who share a vision and strengthen each other. Our trust in each other is the basis for our success and always puts people first.
Our core values


Think of us as a driven task force, ready to share our experience and fully committed whenever it is needed, but with space for our heroes to grow and become independent.
Our core values


Our targeted program is a key factor in building successful companies. We capture needs and enable our startups to think bigger. And we accompany our heroes on their journey to sustainable success and entrepreneurship.
Our expertise

The Company Building Network

HEROFOUNDERS is a company and community building network with a multitude of strong partners and extraordinary people who contribute their extensive experience and competencies in the form of bundled know-how. We are a perfect starting point for bold founders and their teams to become successful business heroes.

Our founders
  • Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
  • Corporate Ventures, M&A & Digital transformation
  • International Community & Ecosystem Builder

Nico Gramenz


“Whoever does what he already can, always remains what he already is.”

Passion and curiosity motivate me every day in my task to bring scientific knowledge into the working world and build a digital movement in Germany that makes Germany and Europe competitive again.

As CEO of Factory Berlin, I have been responsible for a unique international team, national and international expansion and the development of a digital network for the last four years. ”Coworking, community and creativity“ have always been strategic pillars of the hub and me personally. The quality of the 5,000 member community is proof that it works.

I was born on the largest and most beautiful island of Germany, Rugia Island, in 1998 I left my home, because I saw no perspective for myself. Now, in 2022, I will return to my home country. With the establishment of HEROFOUNDERS and a complementary team, I want to take responsibility in the design of the federal state. The next generation of school leavers should not leave Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, but start founding courageously.

  • Chief Communication Officer & Co-Founder
  • Strategy & brand consulting
  • Regional Ecosystem Builder

Sebastian Megow


“I would like to see more awareness of the fact that curiosity, courage, entrepreneurial spirit, self-realization, error handling culture and interdisciplinary networking are the drive for any progress.”

Trying new things, pushing ideas and projects has always been my motivation. I was born and raised in Waren (Müritz) and have been an entrepreneur and media maker since I was 16. After studying business administration with a focus on business psychology, I co-founded the H2F communication agency in 2006 and designed nationwide campaigns in securing qualified employees, location development, education and digitalization.

My experience from many years of communication consulting and project business was then bundled in 2018 in the development of inVENTURE Ltd, which as an operational investment company actively founded and built up innovative companies in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with expertise, network and capital.

My main concern is to inspire other people for a future in the Baltic Sea Region by networking them in the region and encouraging them to take new paths in an environment of innovative, digital business models.

In order to support the regional startup ecosystem and to strengthen our state as an ideal location for startups, innovation and digital value creation, I now bundle all experiences of my previous life, professional and network stations in the co-founding and management of HEROFOUNDERS.

  • Chief Program Officer (CPO) & Co-Founder
  • Company Building & Accelerator
  • New Work, Co-Working & Digital transformation

Hannes Trettin


“I want to give innovative and sustainable founders a space for their ideas, courage and passion. HEROFOUNDERS will be the innovation hub in the Baltic Sea region, where smart minds and talents will find network and space to develop and make the north not only more liveable, but also more innovative.“

Already at the age of 15 I discovered the passion for entrepreneurship thanks to my brother. At that time, I was allowed to become part of his foundation and later on the development of other topics such as online shops etc. My personal and professional focus has always been on making a contribution to making the world a greener, smarter and fairer place.

In 2020, together with our co-founder Toni Project Bay, I started the first co-working space with sea access on Rugia Island and in Germany. In the meantime, we have become a regional developer, with co-working / workation / sharing offers, educational concepts for students, digitization concepts for rural areas up to new co-living and living concepts.

In Europe, we are one of the best-known locations today and are also requested internationally as regional developers. With the pandemic, all the cards have been reshuffled and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern can be the country of the future, of which I am convinced as the co-founder of HEROFOUNDERS.

Our partner network
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Project Bay

Workation & Co-Working

The first co-working living space in northern Germany: The location directly by the sea is a new hotspot for innovation and offers office and co-working space, break-out options as well as training, leisure activities and accommodation.

The concept includes the settlement of regional as well as national companies. The six-member team combines topics such as digitalization, artificial intelligence and new mobility solutions in a regional community with work-life balance and nature.

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Really Good Stuff

At heart, they are entrepreneurs in search of potential. In everything they do, they need creative freedom. They think big, work lakör-wise, and charge boldly ahead. With curiosity and a pioneering spirit. From performance marketing, storytelling, store systems and copywriting to cross-media and content production.

The 15 creative minds are business boosters with starter DNA. Whether it's a cold start, a fresh start, or a full-scale launch—they support startups and companies with drive ignite like Mentos in Coke.

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Digital Marketing

The twenty viminds experts develop digital strategies for ambitious and growth-oriented companies. With them, success can be planned! Web development, performance marketing, front-end development, inbound and online marketing—all from one team. Viminds stands for sustainable online marketing and supports marketing and sales teams in working more successfully and achieving their goals.

To do this, they rely on the concept of inbound marketing and, as a Hubspot partner, implement software–supported automation processes. Start your success story with viminds today!

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It’s all about visionary minds –
great ideas and great people

Inventure's goal is to make the world simpler and more sustainable with business ideas and innovations. The ten-strong team aims to strengthen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and its city of Rostock by contributing the expertise of its portfolio companies to innovation processes. Other areas of focus include financing, deal flow, and business development.

The Inventure team is an active part of the entire process and supports startups with their entire know-how, entrepreneurial experience and network. They also create synergies between their holdings and partners.

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Founders Bay

Startup Accelerator

Directly on the beach of Rugia Island, the next generation of successful founders finds a place for innovative ideas and exchange: an accelerator with boot camp, prototype workshop and workation location for startups from the fields of sustainability, travel tech, new work and mobility.

With their six-month program, the team of seven employees supports start-up teams in successfully implementing their business ideas in the market. In the region, they network ‘new and old business’ and also actively promote the digital future of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region.

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Baltic Incubate

Business Angel Club MV

Baltic Incubate—Business Club MV is the first Business Angels network in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (MV). The 2 employees and 25 members are looking for personal mentoring, funding and valuable contacts for start–up teams from MV with technological inventiveness. They offer matching events and angel funds.

The aim is to leave more private venture capital, experience and network of successful entrepreneurs from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the state in order to sustainably invest value creation and know-how locally.

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Digital Innovation

ALTOW sees itself as a future-oriented technology agency. They offer full-stack software development, serverless computing, digital infrastructure, SaS development, UX design and backend development. Their digital projects have won national and international awards. The dedication of their 35 employees is more than a passion: Their creativity, their precious time, their heart go into every single project.

For this reason, the values “further development” and “sustainability” have accompanied them since their founding in 2017. To this day, they form the cornerstones of their corporate culture and are the criteria for forward-looking projects every day.

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Communication Agency

H2F is the roofiest agency in the north of Germany. As a neuromarketing specialist, the thirty-strong team is the navigator for brand development and positioning, taking their clients where they are one step ahead of competitors. They love full-thinking, removing barriers in the mind and opening doors for innovative thinking. This includes brand & design, research, campaigning, UI design, PR and project management.

Hasn’t it clicked yet? To make it work with the target group, H2F looks at more than age, income and marital status, as they uncover emotional motivational structures.


The location

The perfect place to combine high quality of life, sustainable innovation and professional work environment

The perfect place

From vision to venture.
Made in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.
Into the world.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (MV) does not only offer white beaches, a beautiful landscape and a harbor to the world – it also provides open space for unconventional perspectives and forward-thinking.

It is a place where people challenge their ideas and experience remarkable entrepreneurial as well as personal development. Welcome to the “New Business Land”!

It is a place where people challenge their ideas and experience remarkable entrepreneurial as well as personal development. Welcome to the “New Business Land” – high quality of life, sustainable innovation and professional work environment!


of start-up locations
in Germany until 2025